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Who We Are

Outer Beaches Realty (OBR) is the premier real estate company on Hatteras Island, widely recognized as the most competitive property management market in the United States. We conveniently offer property management, vacation rentals and sales under one roof.

Our rigorous commitment to upholding the highest standards of customer service and integrity sets us apart year after year, while our emphasis on maintaining the familial atmosphere of trust upon which Outer Beaches was founded makes us the most enjoyable place to work and do business.

So What Sets Us Apart?


First and foremost. Not only are we the premier family owned vacation rental company at one of America's premier family vacation destinations, but we strive to treat each and every one of our homeowners, guests and employees as a part of our extended family.

Once you enroll in the Outer Beaches property management program, we make a long - term commitment to you and your home. We recognize that the participating homeowners are not only the lifeblood of our company, but members of the Outer Beaches family as well.

You'll find that our management team makes themselves readily available to you and bases their decisions on one simple principle: your best interests are our best interests.

Mutual Trust

"There's a reason why I've worked in Guest Services at OBR for 23 years: seeing guests come back year after year has given me the chance to grow with them. I'm grateful that our return guests have welcomed me into their families and I try to do the same in my every interaction with them."

Guest Services Professional

Guests and homeowners return to Outer Beaches year after year because they value the bond of mutual trust we share with each and every one of them. To us, trust means delivering on our promises with a company wide commitment to honesty and integrity.

In a business where you're only as good as your word, Outer Beaches keeps our promises to you. If ever you have a concern or question about any of our promises to you, we're always happy to walk you through the details.

To homeowners, mutual trust means Outer Beaches has your best interests in mind when offering counsel regarding the pricing and positioning of your home, housekeeping and maintenance needs, etc. In exchange, our homeowners know that they can always trust us to act in the best interests of their home or property.

Service and Convenience

Our highest priority. With the highest ratio of personnel to homes on Hatteras Island, our greatest resource is our friendly, knowledgeable staff. For homeowners, this means greater peace of mind as you oversee your property from afar, while we manage the details of maintaining and protecting your home.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism within all levels of the company from guest services to maintenance, accounting to housekeeping. We have set the industry precedent for employee education programming with the addition of a full-time education coordinator and sponsorship of routine customer service workshops for our staff.

Our rewards-based customer service program also provides homeowners and guests a feedback mechanism for suggesting areas of improvement or recognizing employees who have made an exceptional impact.


Guests of Outer Beaches know us as the company that offers the finest Hatteras Island cottages at the best value for every budget. As an OBR homeowner, you can trust that each home is priced strategically and that our ancillary services and programs enhance the value of your home to guests while increasing the dollars in your pocket.


Whether in Information Technology (IT), Accounting, Maintenance or Housekeeping, each of our employees is a highly trained specialist in his or her field. And guests know our expertise on Hatteras Island is unsurpassed. A few of our staff's professional credentials include:

  • Affiliate membership in the vacation rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP)
  • Honored with the 2002 VRHP Executive Housekeeper of the Year Award.
  • On-Staff accredited Customer Service Instructor
  • Certification by the Property Management Institute in Real Estate Management
  • Graduate of the Real Estate Institute
  • More than 50 years of combined experience in our Maintenance Department
  • More than 60 years of combined experience in our Housekeeping Department


At Outer Beaches, we know that no two homes are the same, just as no two property management companies are the same. That's why our staff is empowered to make fair, reasonable judgments when it comes to the best interests of your home. We invest in the education of our managers and encourage them to work responsibly with our homeowners to protect, maintain and improve both your home and our service.

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