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Our Avon Office has suffered substantial damage from a fire on November 17. Fortunately, no one was injured. We are already in recovery mode and expect all our systems to be up and running quickly, including online booking via our website, phone systems, etc.
If you are scheduled to check-in at our Avon location please check-in at our Waves Office instead.

Thank you for your patience while we recover, and thank you for choosing Outer Beaches Realty. We look forward to seeing you soon... at the beach.
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Meet the Staff

Carol Barley Accounting/PayrollAvon252-995-7365 Ext: 3254252-995-6137E-Mail
Ida Kasper Rental AccountingAvon252-995-7393 Ext: 3250--E-Mail
Jaime PenningtonRental AccountingAvon252-995-7382 Ext: 3288--E-Mail
Kathy HerzingRental AccountingAvon252-995-7384 Ext: 3286--E-Mail
Pam PriceDatabase AdministratorAvon252-995-7369 Ext: 3813--E-Mail
Tracy Burns Accounting ManagerAvon252-995-7351--E-Mail
Alex RisserPresidentAvon252-995-7342--E-Mail
Bill Staylor Hatteras Office ManagerHatteras252-995-7379--E-Mail
Brenda Sitz Administrative AssistantAvon252-995-7370--E-Mail
Bud Smock Operations ManagerWaves252-995-7345--E-Mail
Kelly Wilson Vice PresidentAvon252-995-7350--E-Mail
Leah Butler Executive SecretaryAvon252-995-7371--E-Mail
Orville Scarborough Waves Assistant ManagerWaves252-995-7385--E-Mail
Roxanne Staylor Avon Office ManagerAvon252-995-7347--E-Mail
Vicki LanghelProperty Management ConsultantAvon252-995-7359--E-Mail
Hatteras Island Design Center
Diana Hamsher Hatteras Island Design Center DirectorAvon252-995-3321--E-Mail
Heidi BlackwoodHatteras Island Design Center ManagerAvon252-995-3321--E-Mail
Brianna MarineAssistant Property CoordinatorHatteras252-995-7366--E-Mail
Connie CoffmanProperty CoordinatorAvon252-995-7363--E-Mail
Diane ShepherdAssistant Property CoordinatorWaves252-995-4477 Ext: 3411--E-Mail
Erika ZieglerSenior Property CoordinatorAvon252-995-7420--E-Mail
Andrew Printz Environmental Services ManagerAvon252-995-7343--E-Mail
John McIntoshSenior Property CoordinatorWaves252-995-7354--E-Mail
Kristin LazenbySenior Property CoordinatorHatteras252-995-7344--E-Mail
Mila BillsAssistant Property CoordinatorWaves252-995-7421--E-Mail
Rebecca ChisholmAssistant Property CoordinatorWaves252-995-7392 Ext: 3418--E-Mail
Tricia ZieglerMarketing AssociateAvon252-995-7362--E-Mail
Bainie BrunsonMarketing AssociateAvon252-995-7355--E-Mail
Alicia ThorpeMarketing AssociateAvon252-995-7346--E-Mail
Daniel MurphyPhotographerAvon252-995-7360--E-Mail
Samantha StevensNetwork AdministratorAvon252-995-7346--E-Mail
Beth Rothenberger Maintenance CoordinatorHatteras252-995-7376--E-Mail
Chris LamontMaintenance TechnicianWaves252-995-4477 Ext: 3627--
Dale FarrowMaintenance TechnicianWaves252-995-4477 Ext: 3627--
Debbie Martin Maintenance ManagerAvon252-995-7348--E-Mail
Gordon StarkMaintenance TechnicianAvon252-995-4477 Ext: 3627--
JB BaustBuildings & Ground TechnicianAvon252-995-4477 Ext: 3627--
Jenny CreechMaintenance CoordinatorWaves252-995-7349--E-Mail
John CaryMaintenance CoordinatorAvon252-995-7353--
John SpignerMaintenance CoordinatorWaves252-995-7387--E-Mail
Mike ClineLaundryAvon252-995-3099--
Pool and Spa Department Avon252-995-4477 Ext: 3238--E-Mail
Scott DannetttelMaintenance TechnicianAvon252-995-4477 Ext: 3627--
Real Estate Sales
Sheila Crowe Sales Administrative AssistantAvon252-995-6041252-995-5019E-Mail
Tom & Louise Hranicka Associate Brokers/Sales Department ManagerAvon866-627-6627 Ext: 3248252-995-5019E-Mail
Belinda Thomas Associate BrokerWaves866-627-6627 Ext: 3412252-987-2803E-Mail
Claudia Laskow Associate BrokerAvon800-627-3150 Ext: 3252252-995-5019E-Mail
Dottie Reed Associate BrokerHatteras866-627-6627 Ext: 3808252-986-2531E-Mail
Pete Groom Associate BrokerWaves866-627-6627 Ext: 3413252-987-2803E-Mail
Heather Nicholson Associate BrokerHatteras866-627-6627--E-Mail
Vacation Rentals
Carla Meekins Guest ServicesAvon252-995-7378--E-Mail
Courtney QuickGuest ServicesWaves252-995-7381--E-Mail
Edie SiddallGuest ServicesAvon252-995-7352--E-Mail
Gloria Swain Guest Services SupervisorAvon252-995-7361--E-Mail
Joann HarwoodGuest ServicesAvon252-995-7377--E-Mail
Linda Walton Guest Services ManagerAvon252-995-7372--E-Mail
Mary SchumannGuest ServicesAvon252-995-7374--E-Mail
Sally Hughes Guest Services SupervisorWaves252-995-7380--E-Mail
Sheila Austin Guest ServicesHatteras252-995-7375--E-Mail
Susan Farrow Guest ServicesAvon252-995-7391--E-Mail
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Avon Office
PO Box 280
40227 Tigrone Boulevard
Avon, NC 27915
Rentals: 1-800-627-1850
Sales: 1-866-627-6627
E-Mail: Rentals | Sales

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
(June through September 9 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday)

Waves Office
PO Box 420
25206 Sea Vista Drive
Waves, NC 27982
Rentals: 1-800-627-1850
Sales: 1-866-627-6627
E-Mail: Rentals | Sales

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
(June through September 9 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday)

Hatteras Office
PO Box 730
57205 Eagle Pass Road
Hatteras, NC 27943
Rentals: 1-800-627-1850
Sales: 1-866-627-6627
E-Mail: Rentals | Sales

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
(June through September 9 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday)

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